Welcome to the home page of the Environmental Physical
Chemistry Group at the Department of Chemistry of

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona



Xavier Doménech
José Peral
Anna Serra

Juan Felipe Montoya

Katherine Villa

Ashley Black



The Environmental Physical Chemistry Group was created by Dr. Xavier Domènech around 1985. During aproximately ten years the main interest of the research supervised by Dr. Domènech has been centered in the use of semiconducting oxides for photo-assisted treatment of waste waters. Thus, our former name was Photocatalysis Group. We kept working in such a field because it is related to classical Electrochemistry, the scientific field that dominated our curriculums (our group formaly belongs to the Physical Chemistry Unit, sharing resorces with the Theoretical Chemistry Group and the Group of Electrosynthesis). However, the large experience accumulated in the chemistry of natural and poluted environments has drifted our interest toward a larger number of topics. 

Here there are some examples of the research we are interested in: 


- Photocatalysis for water treatment.

- Photocatalysis for hydrogen production. 

- Photocatalysis for degradation of VOC's and trace organics in enclosed atmospheres. 

- Fenton and photo-Fenton reactions.

- Ozonization of synthetic and real waste waters. 

- Combination of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP's). 

- Integration of AOP’s and biological treatment.

- Life Cicle Assesment (LCA).

- Environmental fugacity models.