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Dc 11/Gen/2006 13:00h
Seminari del departament
Núria González
Finding Saddle-Points by Using the Nudged Elastic Band (NEB) Method: An Implementation For Application to Gas-Phase Systems
Dc 25/Gen/2006 13:00h
Seminari del departament
Erika Constantino
Mass spectrometry applied to Co2+-oligopeptides systems. The use of electrospray ionization technique (ESI)
Dc 8/Feb/2006 13:00h
Seminari del departament
Albert Rimola
Does glycine molecule interact with silica surface? An overview of the CRYSTAL code.
Dc 1/Mar/2006 13:00h
Sala d'actes del CNM
Eduard Puig
Càlculs de pKa en l'enzim Glutamat-Racemasa.
Dc 8/Mar/2006 13:00h
Sala d'actes del Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Josep Maria Lluch
On the calculation of the kinetic isotope effects in enzyme-catalyzed reactions. A variational transition-state theory study including multidimensional tunneling
Dm 21/Mar/2006 12:00h
Sala d'actes del CNM
Piero Ugliengo
Dipartimento Chimica IFM, Torino, ITALY
Role of Calcium Hydroxyapatite in Bioglasses: ab-initio characterization of its surface properties
Dc 29/Mar/2006 13:00h
Seminari del Departament
Joe Hayes
Chiral Separation: Modelling and design of enantioselective receptors using binding free energy calculations
Dc 18/Abr/2006 12:00h
Sala de Graus II
(CREAF C5 parell, 1a planta)
Motohiro Nishio
The CHPI Institute
Tokyo, Japan
The CH/pi hydrogen bond. Implications in chemistry and biochemistry
Dc 19/Abr/2006 13:00h
Seminari del Departament
Adrià Gil
Effects of ionisation on N-Glycylglycine. How ionisation can affect the acidity of the different groups
Dc 26/Abr/2006 13:00h
Seminari del Departament
Joseph J. Dannenberg
Hunter College, City University of New York
The Extraordinarily Flexible Properties of N-H...O=C H-Bonds. How Nature and Man use it to make Natural and Synthetic Materials
Dc 3/Mai/2006 13:00h
Seminari del Departament
Galí Drudis-Solé
EQM: An alternative to QM in QM/MM
Dc 24/Mai/2006 13:00h
Seminari del Departament
Raquel Bielsa
Universidad de Zaragoza
Sythesis, reactivity and catalytic activity of orthometallated iminophosphoranes
Dc 31/Mai/2006 13:00h
Sala d'actes CNM
Joaquín López Serrano
Department of Chemistry, University of York, UK
Palladium catalysed hydrogenation: detection of palladium hydrides, a joint study by parahydrogen enhanced NMR spectroscopy and density functional theory.
Dl 19/Jun/2006 11:30h
Seminari del departament
Juergen Eckert
Los Alamos National Laboratory and
University of California, Santa Barbara
Modes of binding of molecular hydrogen and their implications for hydrogen storage materials.
Dc 28/Jun/2006 12:00h
Seminari del departament
Carles Acosta
A comparison of DFT functionals for epoxidation and cyclopropanation reactions
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